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Let's quit spiritual burnout and discover REVIVAL

Exhausted by checklist mentality faith? Welcome to the club.

Ditch shame and striving to find the "life to the full" Jesus promises.

Here, we are embracing the truth of God's Word and participating in the process of the Holy Spirit to transform old patterns and mindsets, find renewal in our faith, and live in steady, confident communion with God.

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Hey there! I’m Jenn – a non-spectacular and loved wife, mom, and writer of life-giving words. I drink decaf, read too many books at once, and speak in scriptures and movie quotes. I share my messy faith journey and plenty of scriptures to help remind you that it’s okay to be imperfect because our God is perfect enough for us all. That he does his best work with our nothing. That you don’t have to earn his love and approval. That he works with and through us for his glory and our good.

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Jenn is such an encouragement in her writing. Her gentle, relevant, and biblically based Bible study, Progress Over Perfectionism, as well as her online posts are always a blessing. And I love the moments of humor she sprinkles into her words!


Jenn’s writing is like a friend who comes alongside you to point to truth and encourage your heart. Her words are relatable yet carry such wisdom. Whether in her Bible plans, weekly emails, or shares through Instagram, I always feel seen with Jenn’s messages. I’m grateful for each of the words she shares.


Jenn consistently shares truth with so much kindness and love. She’s always reminding us of the goodness of the Father and our “enough-ness” in Him. She and her words are a light in this world.


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